Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I'm getting married this month.

For reals.

This time next month, 'Molly Alyssum Swanson', becomes, 'Molly Alyssum Swanson Deines'.

There are still so many things to finish, schedules to work out, decorations to buy, and endless loads of money to spend.

Schedules, lists, and coupons make weddings possible!

My room is just a series of boxes and piles right now. I have tons of wedding decorations in my room and on the landing of the stairs. Then there are the piles of things that need to be accomplished before the wedding. But all the plans are starting to be put in to action! Tonight, I moved my first two boxes of stuff to Jacob's apartment! They mostly contained wedding gifts we've already received but it was still very exciting for me! It turns out, he has zero cupboard space. I think I'll have to reorganize. It'll be fun to make it our little home!

A box of wedding gifts. The 'blah' sign from my sister is my favorite!

I spent a rather low key evening with my honey, played cribbage and watched a really stupid movie. I definitely won't miss driving back and forth between Olympia and Shelton. It'll be wonderful to just go to sleep next to him! The countdown has begun. 25 days.

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