Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Wedding Meltdowns have arrived!

My favorite picture from our engagement session.

So we are at the 17 day mark and my wedding dress doesn't fit. Insert panic here.

I went back today for my third and, I had hoped, final fitting. It turns out I will be picking up the dress on Monday with the straps adjusted for the third time. Delightful.

Today I'm having an internal meltdown about my wedding.
I wish I had stuck to my original plan:
-Wear Nana's wedding dress.
-Send out evites instead of real invitations
-Cut our flowers from any bush the morning of
-Get married at my parents, in the backyard by the creek
-Keep it simple
Who cares about the ceremony- I care about the marriage. 

But instead, I spent tons of money and my wedding dress doesn't fit. 

Don't get me wrong; my dress is gorgeous and I'm so excited we decided to put out the extra money for a videographer. I'm just ready for the marriage. The ceremony will be fun, the day will be glorious, but I would like to just be with my Jacob already. 


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  2. To my Wise Darling: Midst all the flurry, hassle and stress you are clear-eyed and oh so correct: it is all about marriage. To my mind, the years ahead will be graced with joy and wonder, blessings abounding. In the meantime, sweet blessings on your dear head, and ease for your heart.