Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Newlywed Game

Part of the wedding preparation involves LOTS of parties. My lingerie shower was last Saturday in Tacoma with my PLU friends and a few family members. I'm not a big fan of games but Emma had a great idea: the Newlywed Game!

It's simple: Emma asked Jacob some questions about our relationship before the shower. She asked me the same questions and I had to guess his answers. Any time I got one wrong, I had to put a marshmallow peep in my mouth. I definitely got a few wrong.

Here are the questions and our answers!

1. Where did you two first meet?
Jacob: At the PLU Pool. She was visiting a friend who I was life guarding with and told her to dance around. As she danced around, Molly told me to look at her friend’s butt, then pretended to get mad when I looked. One or two years later we were working at Campus Safety together, and had some common shifts, which is how we got to know each other.

Molly: We met at the PLU pool when I went up to visit Megan. I told him to look at her butt (because it's very impressive) and then yelled at him for doing so (cause that makes him pervy.)
2. What was your first official date?
Jacob: I think I took her to a Shari’s? I’m a classy guy.

Molly: We went to Shari's. For pie.

3. What is Jacob’s biggest pet peeve?
Jacob: People trying to touch my belly button. (It hurts, okay?!)

Molly: Getting his face slapped.
The first one wrong. PEEP!

4. What would Jacob say is Molly’s biggest pet peeve?
Jacob: When people oversimplify or generalize a topic she’s passionate about.

Molly: Patriarchal, misogynistic crap. (second one wrong. PEEP)
5. Does Jacob think Molly is sexiest in a sundress, jeans and a tank top, lingerie, or pajamas?
Jacob: Can “all of the above” be an answer? If I had to choose, I’d say…maybe shorts and a tank top?

Molly: Jeans and a tank top. He loves my booty.

Snarky answers from my snarky guy. 

6. You’ve gone to the grocery to pick up milk. On a whim, you decide to get Molly a little surprise treat. What would the treat be?
Jacob: Goat cheese and flowers.

Molly: Goat cheese! Jacob does love his specialty cheeses.

7. What is Jacob’s dream car?
Jacob: A 1968-1972 Corvette Stingray

Molly: I don't know. A shiny one.

He had told me once. Couldn't remember.

8. Who is Jacob’s celebrity crush?
Jacob: Milla Jovovich Molly: Ellen Page before she liked the girls. Scarlett Johansen? (fourth one wrong. blergh.)

9. What is your favorite tv show to watch together?
Jacob: Doctor Who, because it mixes humor with suspense and I love Molly’s reactions to everything that happens in that show.

Molly: Doctor Who!

10. What would Jacob want to eat at his last meal?
Jacob: Either chicken fried steak & eggs, or a whole buttload of sushi
Molly: Sushi or steak.

11. If Jacob could live anywhere is the world where would he choose?
Jacob: Seattle for the culture, Hawaii for the weather

Molly: Japan

Wrong. I definitely thought I'd get that right.

12. What is the one song/band Jacob likes but will never admit?
Jacob: I’ll never tell. (I honestly can’t think of anything I wouldn’t admit. Maybe Disney songs?)

Molly: Disney musicals. Especially, Mulan.

13. What is Jacob’s favorite body part of Molly’s?
Jacob: Her booty. Hands down :)

Molly: My booty.

14. What is Jacob’s favorite thing about Molly’s personality?
Jacob: She has this youthful energy that’s so rare in people these days. I always makes me happy.

Molly: I'm silly?
(i had to take a peep for that one)

15. When Molly says, “Jacob, they’re playing our song” what song are they playing?
Jacob: “Save Me” by Gotye

Molly: Three options. "Save Me" by Gotye, "Harlem" by New Politics, or "I Love you" by Said the Whale.
Listing our three 'songs'

16. What is the thing Jacob is most looking forward to on the wedding day?
Jacob: Seeing her in her dress for the first time.

Molly: Doing it. (I'm a bad kid.)


17. Complete this sentence: I knew I had found the love of my life when...
Jacob: ...she made me realize I don’t have to be someone else around her. She loves me for precisely who I am, with all my faults included.

Molly: ...he didn't STOP cuddling me after the honeymoon stage of dating ended. He takes care of me, supports me endlessly and never stops kissing me. He loves me for precisely who I am, with all my faults included (to borrow his line.)

23 more days.

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