Saturday, March 1, 2014


I'm pretty tapped out.

I am not inspired to do anything.

Work is the same thing every day. I don't learn anything new.

Jacob and I do the same thing every day. Go out to dinner, watch Netflix, repeat.

My time NOT at work is spent in front of the computer, watching a show on the Internet.

I am not inspired to do anything.

Little things like...
...actually put on makeup

Big things like...
...look for a job I'm passionate about
...exercise or write
...sing or create art

Without enough stimulation, your brain atrophies. Even though routine can be great for your brain, it's also important to spice things up! Otherwise it becomes physically, mentally, difficult for you to do anything besides watch Netflix, sleep, and go to work.

That's where I am. Totally drained of energy.

How do you stay inspired?


  1. :( I felt like this a few months ago, and still have days like this. I think everyone does though. When I was at my most uninspired state, I didn't even want to go anywhere or try new things, because it seemed better to just stay in my warm house and be safe and cozy. But, then I remembered something my old piano teacher told me in high-school..."If nothing changes, nothing changes." It scared me more than anything, because that was what I was doing...nothing. What happened to the adventurous me, the carefree me, the me that wanted to try anything and everything and make my life an adventure! So, that day I went and tried something new and out of my comfort zone. It was nothing amazing, but it made my day better and it made me what to try something else the next day!
    I try to stay inspired by making sure I'm going after things that God wants me to put my time into because those things are things that God blesses and are good for me. Then I remind myself of the person I want to be, and make it my goal to become that person little by little.
    The hard thing is just doing it.
    Once you do what you want like create art, sing, read that book and shower and get all pretty for the day, you feel good! There is so much out there and to little time in life not to go after those things. So, go exercise (it seriously is sometimes the only thing you need to do to make you feel so much better about life), do something new and different and go after that dream job!!! I love you!

  2. I like, and agree with what Em said. For me, if I am not creating, doing something new, I find my soul atrophy-ing! I sometimes have to just make myself do something other than the daily routine of life. Routine is good, consistency is good, stability is good, but we were created to dream, to create, to learn, to seek.

    I know too, that if my spirit isn't right, if I don't spend time with the Lord each day, nothing goes right.

    Go and do what Jesus created you to do. Make Him proud!!! I love you too!