Saturday, March 1, 2014


I'm pretty tapped out.

I am not inspired to do anything.

Work is the same thing every day. I don't learn anything new.

Jacob and I do the same thing every day. Go out to dinner, watch Netflix, repeat.

My time NOT at work is spent in front of the computer, watching a show on the Internet.

I am not inspired to do anything.

Little things like...
...actually put on makeup

Big things like...
...look for a job I'm passionate about
...exercise or write
...sing or create art

Without enough stimulation, your brain atrophies. Even though routine can be great for your brain, it's also important to spice things up! Otherwise it becomes physically, mentally, difficult for you to do anything besides watch Netflix, sleep, and go to work.

That's where I am. Totally drained of energy.

How do you stay inspired?