Thursday, October 24, 2013

Screw you, Rory Gilmore.

I failed all three of my October goals. I haven't kept up on my budget, I haven't blogged since October 3rd, and I have barely journal-ed. Blerg.

I've never really been any good at goal setting. I think I try to change too many things at once. It's Rory Gilmore's fault. She was the picture of academic perfection! Yes, I know she's not real, and no one could ever drink that much coffee and survive but a girl can dream! When I was really busy my last semester of college, I used to make lists entitled, "Rory Gilmore that crap." I would drink a cup of coffee, be super productive for 45 minutes and then my blood sugar would drop and I would end up watch Lost for the rest of the day on Netflix. So much for my lists...

Even though I didn't keep to any of my goals this month, I have finally learned the art of time management. That has taken me years. If only I would have learned it my junior year of college. I would have graduated with a frakking 4.0! Then I really would be Rory Gilmore- a brilliant caffeine goddess with unnaturally shiny hair. I think for now, I'll just settle for a cup of decaf and the warm, fuzzy feeling I get from constantly being on time to work. Take that, Rory Gilmore!


  1. But she could inno way rock your adorable haircut, or your heart for Jesus! Take that Rory Gilmore!

  2. Goals met or not, I'm still very proud of you!!