Thursday, July 11, 2013

"You're kinda rough, but I love you." - I love you, Said the Whale

I have a list on my computer desktop of potential blog ideas. Jacob was fixing my computer a few weeks back and secretly added "Why I love Jacob so much" to that list.

So, my sweet Jacob, you win. I will write about you and why I love you so so SO much. :)

1. Because he has a beard.
Maybe that is a weird one to start with but I have never liked a guy with a beard before. It's so scratchy and manly and I find him so incredibly weird without it! It suits his handsome face. 

2. Because he is goofy.

This boy is so silly. He'll put up quite a professional front but once you get past that, the fun starts. He likes to dance, crack jokes, speak in accents or just generally make fun of me in order to make me laugh. He calls me weird nicknames and threatens to pinch me any time I bother him. His silliness matches mine and always keeps me giggling.

3. Because he loves Jesus.

This picture was taken right after we went skydiving for his birthday. I was praying the whole plane ride up into the sky, holding Jacob's hand for support. The first time we went to church together, he invited me to take communion with him. We walked to the table together and then he stepped away from me to pray on his own. I cried. I am blessed to love a man who takes his relationship with Christ seriously.

4. Because he kisses me a lot when I least expect it.

This boy will stop mid-sentence to kiss me. If we're taking a walk, he'll lean over and kiss my temple. If we're watching a movie, he lean over and kiss my check. Jacob is so endlessly affectionate with me. Each unexpected kiss shows me how important, beautiful, and valuable I am to him. It's the first thing he'll greet me with when he sees me and the last thing he does before he leaves.

5. Because he is focused.

During his senior year, Jacob held down two part time jobs (one which had him working at 4am), a full class load, and was captain of the swim team. He was exhausted and still, he made me feel like I was the most important thing in his life. Even after I moved home in February, he continued to balance his school work and his long distance relationship with me. He stayed true to his character, worked incredibly hard and graduated in May with a degree in Computer Science. He then landed a job as a Programmer for the Mason County PUD #3 here in Shelton. This incredible man focuses on what he wants to do, works hard and prepares himself, and then he accomplishes his goals. It's amazing to watch and I am learning so much from him.

There's this book called Red by Ted Dekker. In it, the hero is so desperately and perfectly in love with his wife. She is captured by his enemies and he knows he will not survive the pain if she is killed.
Once I asked Jacob how much he loves me. He said, "Remember when Thomas was racing across the desert to save Rachelle? His love for her doesn't even come close to how I feel about you."

Thank you, Jacob William, for your love, support, encouragement and sweet kisses. I love you.


  1. what a blessed thing when Reality matches closely held dreams for 'the' man and a dearly-loved grand daughter!

    "And the winner is....!"

    Lovely post. Lovely man. Sovereignty seen and noted!

  2. Oh, dear Molly. I'm almost in tears (happy ones of course!. He sounds amazingly amazing. I can't wait to meet him.

  3. No words, just tears. Tears of joy for you to at last have someone like this in your life.