Monday, December 17, 2012

A semester remembered

Throughout my last semester, I kept little notes of things that happened on a daily basis. I wanted to be able to remember fun things about my semester instead of just all the stress (and, boy, was there a ton). So I present to you my strange memories from this semester.

September 1st
Every year the incoming freshman from each dorm participate in a particularly silly orientation activity called Sound Off. Essentially, each dorm comes up with lyrics about their dorm and then the dorms compete by trying to out-sing each other. This year, some of my senior friends and I went to Sound Off to watch and support our former residence hall, Ordal. We did this by sounding the call. :) Ordal always shows up to Sound Off by running down a hill on campus, arms above our heading shape the letter 'O' and screaming, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" as loud as possible. I went hoarse in my support of my freshman dorm. :) It was a lovely, but FREEZING night.

September 3rd
My coworker asked me to tell her a story. I made one up about a Sad Bran Muffin who just wanted to be eaten but no one likes bran muffins so he was just getting moldy on a counter top. He was in love with a saucy, french Le Toaster Strudel and his side kick was his trust friend Hotty the Hot Pocket. In the end, the Sad Bran Muffin was eaten by Jimmy the 6th grader. I swear I'm not crazy. Grave shifts just make people weird.

September 13th
Walking to work, a squirrel fell out of a tree, almost landed on a guy walking underneath the tree and broke it's little arm. He and I just stood around the tree freaking out over the poor guy as he tried to climb up the tree with one working arm.

September 18th
I almost get hit by a car in downtown Olympia as I walked in front of an alley. Turned out the driver was the little brother of my ex boyfriend. I hadn't seen him in several months and we had a lovely chat after yelling at each other for not being careful.

September 19th
Another squirrel fell out of a tree as I was walking to my car today. He landed on his feet and stared at me. I yelled in fright and then said, "You guys have got to stop doing this." before he ran away. 

September 26th
My friend Joanna and I used to work 12am to 4am every Wednesday morning. The shifts would start out ok but by 2am we were both usually chanting, "LET'S GET WEIRD." On this particular night, Joanna was looking at pinterest and occasionally commenting on the things she saw. I definitely misheard her when she started talking about "sweet balls", it took awhile for me to understand what she was actually talking about which was, "sweet rolls". We, of course, descended into hysterical, sleep-deprived laughter at this point.   

September 28th
My friend Taylor Anderson described the plot of the Little Mermaid perfectly: "I need to get a prince to kiss me so I can slut out and keep my legs." 

October 6th
My friends and I went to Jake's in Olympia to dance and I ran into my old track rival, Tasha Shipman. She remembered me and made fun of me for always losing to her, just like she did during track season every year. :)

October 23rd
I have a long discussion with one of my friends about our digestive issues and we laughed too loud in the hallway of one of the academic buildings so that professors started closing their doors.

October 28th
Most Wednesdays during the semester, my friend Rachel and I would go get Pho and catch up or stress out about school. On this particular day, I was trying to convince her to go with me to a really sketchy looking restaurant in Parkland. Her response: "No, we are not going there! It's like, 'Would you like a hamburger? Here's your bag of meth!'"

October 31st
Another Joanna moment. Jo was frustrated so I thought I would tell her a joke to cheer her up. I didn't have one so I just made it up.
Me: Knock, knock
Jo: Who's there?
Me: Chicken
Jo: Chicken who
Me: Chicken noodle soup

She blinked once and then we both started laughing uncontrollably. The night continued from there, with us making jokes that were not logical and yet finding them to be so incredibly funny, we both were in tears. 2am, LET'S GET WEIRD.

November 10th
Two conversations at once led to this weird combination at work:
"He's messing around with a girl named Matilda."
"Oh the one who does magic?"

From here, the semester REALLY picked up but there are a few things I do remember:

-True American on November 17th
-Getting food poisoning after Thanksgiving and throwing up all night 
-November 29th: my last choir concert at PLU
-Spending all day in Seattle on December 3rd at Benaroya Hall 

Then I graduated and it was awesome.
There you go. The last semester of my Lute life.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The "last" week of my undergraduate career

Monday: Woke up to my car being broken into. Unnerving. Spent the rest of the day in Seattle working the PLU Christmas concert at Benaroya Hall. 

Tuesday: The eight people in my Teaching Assistants class shared this huge slice of chocolate cake during out last meeting of the semester. It was just girls in the class and we become very close.

Wednesday: Picked up my cap and gown. Class of 2012. I had to many plans for this year. Graduating was the only one that has come to fruition.

Thursday: Presented my capstone project. Success! Hopefully I passed.

Friday: The second to last PLU Christmas concert. My buddy, Alonso, the Lobby Staff coordinator.

Graduation pictures to come. :)