Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why today rocked:

  1. Wrote an 11 page paper from 2am-7am.
  2. Ate breakfast.
  3. Curly hair.
  4. Mariachi band music at work followed by 80's hits.
  5. Slept from 12 to 6. 
  7. Knew every song on the Motown Pandora station.
  8. Ate peeps.
  9. Found this picture of most of my relatives on the internet.
  10. Halfway through the week tomorrow.


  1. Glad to know your life is going along well-ishly.

    Re the pic - those Littles remind us to keep Life fun and easy, right?

  2. I used to know this family, many years ago. What a treat to find this beautiful picture! Ruth and Kenny haven't changed (except maybe the hair is a little whiter). I was a friend of Jeff's in the early 1980s. I have never lost my fondness for the Davises, or my enjoyment of the memories I have of them. I can identify Julia in the picture, and possibly Cynthia? behind her parents. I don't see Jeff or Lorraine. I would love to know who(and where) everyone is. I am guessing that Molly is Cynthia's daughter-right? Thank you for sharing the picture, and please give my best to everyone.
    Teresa Thane Hegarty