Friday, March 23, 2012

Try something new for 30 days: Week 3.

March 16th.
I drove home to see my mom for the night. This picture was taken through my windshield while I was driving through the Nisqually Basin. Don't worry, I didn't look, I just held the phone up and pressed the button. Turned out pretty good. I love trees!

March 17th.
Oh St. Patrick's Day. I hope yours was as delightful as mine. This is my friend Megan and I putting the final touches on Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes made by her beautiful twin sister Linnea. There were sprinkles EVERYWHERE once I was done. :)

March 18th.
I only went outside once on Sunday to work at a concert. I watched Frasier all day long on Netflix. I took a shower and went to bed early. Here is my freshly clean face.

March 19th.
My mom bought my this for my birthday. In case you're not a die-hard fan like myself, Luke's is the fictional diner in Stars Hollow, Connecticut- the sight of my favorite television show of all time: Gilmore Girls. I had three of these filled to the brim with hot chocolate. My heart was beating ridiculously fast all day.

March 20th.
For my statistics test on Wednesday we were allowed to use a note card with all the needed formula's written out. This is mine. Impressive, huh? It's just a one-way between SS ANOVA as well as Effect Sizes and HSD post hoc comparisons. :) I think I did really well on the test.

March 21st.
I was babbling on and on about cake at work when my Operations Supervisor walked in with leftover cake from his birthday on Saturday. It was my favorite flavor: LEMON!!! Sadly, it sat in my stomach like a lump and hurt my cavities...

March 22nd.
I am super proud of how my hair turned out today. I love my new curling iron! This was the best shot I could get.

On a side note, this week has been pretty hard for me emotionally. I haven't had enough things to distract me from thinking too hard and have fallen into bouts of gloominess several times since Sunday. Spring break is upon us and I am going home to visit the family this coming weekend to start it off the right way. I'm hoping to also take a day trip to Portland on Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on if I can afford it or not) but will be back at work on Thursday. It'll be nice to not have any homework and hopefully I'll be motivated enough to start on some projects and papers I have coming up. It's almost April which means I have two months left of the semester. Where did the time go!?

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  1. I love you Molly Alyssum! I am so proud of you and all your hard work. I know you have had a rocky pathway of late. Just keep swimming....