Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Try something new for 30 days: Week 2.

March 10th. AM.
I forgot to take a picture on the 9th but Saturday I got up early and went to a track meet to watch a couple friends compete. I ran into Megan Anderson and my friend, Kelsey and hovered with them for the hour I was there. It was raining and freezing.

March 10th. PM.
Sarah Lawson and I have been friends since our Junior year of high school when we took American Sign Language together. We really hit it off as freshmen music education students and became inseparable with two other girls, Megan and Abby. Out of us four, Sarah and Megan are the only two who made it all the way through the music education program. This picture was taken after Sarah's Senior saxophone recital. She was amazing and I am SO proud of her.
March 11th.
I thought it would be good to show my relatives who worry about me that I am eating [somewhat] healthy at school. Of course, I do recall that salad being the only thing I ate that day... woops.

March 12th.
This is Geena. She is my project partner for my statistics class and this morning (Monday) she was pounding chocolate at 9:15am. She made it through a bag of Lindor truffles and that bar of cookies and creme chocolate you see on the desk in front of her. She came down from that sugar high by 10:30am, immediately after class ended.

March 13th.
Annika again. This is her being gangster. We live in Parkland after all, we're pretty legit. We went grocery shopping and talked about boys. It was delightful.

March 14th.
This day was horrible. I was crying and angry all day. I spent about three hours in my car, driving off my emotion and was finally calm once I hit Olympia and got some Taco Bell. I took a picture of this quote I cut out of magazine because it reminded me of this day. All I can do is keep breathing.

March 15th.
This is the only picture I took on Thursday. I went up to Seattle, Thursday night to see my friend Brian's band play their last show before he moves to Chicago. This picture was taken in the bar I went to afterwards. Since it was so dark, nothing showed up but the string of red lights running around the edge of the bar.

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