Monday, December 17, 2012

A semester remembered

Throughout my last semester, I kept little notes of things that happened on a daily basis. I wanted to be able to remember fun things about my semester instead of just all the stress (and, boy, was there a ton). So I present to you my strange memories from this semester.

September 1st
Every year the incoming freshman from each dorm participate in a particularly silly orientation activity called Sound Off. Essentially, each dorm comes up with lyrics about their dorm and then the dorms compete by trying to out-sing each other. This year, some of my senior friends and I went to Sound Off to watch and support our former residence hall, Ordal. We did this by sounding the call. :) Ordal always shows up to Sound Off by running down a hill on campus, arms above our heading shape the letter 'O' and screaming, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" as loud as possible. I went hoarse in my support of my freshman dorm. :) It was a lovely, but FREEZING night.

September 3rd
My coworker asked me to tell her a story. I made one up about a Sad Bran Muffin who just wanted to be eaten but no one likes bran muffins so he was just getting moldy on a counter top. He was in love with a saucy, french Le Toaster Strudel and his side kick was his trust friend Hotty the Hot Pocket. In the end, the Sad Bran Muffin was eaten by Jimmy the 6th grader. I swear I'm not crazy. Grave shifts just make people weird.

September 13th
Walking to work, a squirrel fell out of a tree, almost landed on a guy walking underneath the tree and broke it's little arm. He and I just stood around the tree freaking out over the poor guy as he tried to climb up the tree with one working arm.

September 18th
I almost get hit by a car in downtown Olympia as I walked in front of an alley. Turned out the driver was the little brother of my ex boyfriend. I hadn't seen him in several months and we had a lovely chat after yelling at each other for not being careful.

September 19th
Another squirrel fell out of a tree as I was walking to my car today. He landed on his feet and stared at me. I yelled in fright and then said, "You guys have got to stop doing this." before he ran away. 

September 26th
My friend Joanna and I used to work 12am to 4am every Wednesday morning. The shifts would start out ok but by 2am we were both usually chanting, "LET'S GET WEIRD." On this particular night, Joanna was looking at pinterest and occasionally commenting on the things she saw. I definitely misheard her when she started talking about "sweet balls", it took awhile for me to understand what she was actually talking about which was, "sweet rolls". We, of course, descended into hysterical, sleep-deprived laughter at this point.   

September 28th
My friend Taylor Anderson described the plot of the Little Mermaid perfectly: "I need to get a prince to kiss me so I can slut out and keep my legs." 

October 6th
My friends and I went to Jake's in Olympia to dance and I ran into my old track rival, Tasha Shipman. She remembered me and made fun of me for always losing to her, just like she did during track season every year. :)

October 23rd
I have a long discussion with one of my friends about our digestive issues and we laughed too loud in the hallway of one of the academic buildings so that professors started closing their doors.

October 28th
Most Wednesdays during the semester, my friend Rachel and I would go get Pho and catch up or stress out about school. On this particular day, I was trying to convince her to go with me to a really sketchy looking restaurant in Parkland. Her response: "No, we are not going there! It's like, 'Would you like a hamburger? Here's your bag of meth!'"

October 31st
Another Joanna moment. Jo was frustrated so I thought I would tell her a joke to cheer her up. I didn't have one so I just made it up.
Me: Knock, knock
Jo: Who's there?
Me: Chicken
Jo: Chicken who
Me: Chicken noodle soup

She blinked once and then we both started laughing uncontrollably. The night continued from there, with us making jokes that were not logical and yet finding them to be so incredibly funny, we both were in tears. 2am, LET'S GET WEIRD.

November 10th
Two conversations at once led to this weird combination at work:
"He's messing around with a girl named Matilda."
"Oh the one who does magic?"

From here, the semester REALLY picked up but there are a few things I do remember:

-True American on November 17th
-Getting food poisoning after Thanksgiving and throwing up all night 
-November 29th: my last choir concert at PLU
-Spending all day in Seattle on December 3rd at Benaroya Hall 

Then I graduated and it was awesome.
There you go. The last semester of my Lute life.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The "last" week of my undergraduate career

Monday: Woke up to my car being broken into. Unnerving. Spent the rest of the day in Seattle working the PLU Christmas concert at Benaroya Hall. 

Tuesday: The eight people in my Teaching Assistants class shared this huge slice of chocolate cake during out last meeting of the semester. It was just girls in the class and we become very close.

Wednesday: Picked up my cap and gown. Class of 2012. I had to many plans for this year. Graduating was the only one that has come to fruition.

Thursday: Presented my capstone project. Success! Hopefully I passed.

Friday: The second to last PLU Christmas concert. My buddy, Alonso, the Lobby Staff coordinator.

Graduation pictures to come. :) 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weapons of Mass Creativity

The main thing I'm excited for after graduation besides sleeping? Having time to be as creative as I want.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Band aid on a bullet wound

I was sitting at the bus stop today waiting for the bus to Olympia and there was an old woman sitting next to me chatting to another traveler. She mentioned that her church allows homeless people to come twice a week for showers and a meal. I've heard of other churches offering the same thing or some variation.

But here's the rub:

A shower and a meal may not be what a homeless person needs.

I'm a college student. I am in no way homeless and I do not go with out a shower or without food but there are struggles. Money is a constant issue. For awhile, I was struggling so greatly with money that my bank account was always in a negative state. I was not able to work enough to pay off my negative balance AND have enough money to pay my bills. It wasn't until my mother graciously paid off my balance and I swallowed my pride that the cycle ended.

Pride kept me from asking for help. Everyone has a sense of self-reliance and that was slowly impairing my ability to provide for myself and my future.

There is a misconception about homeless people. I have seen it permeate the church. Homeless people are drug addicts, prostitutes, or have chosen the lifestyle and should easily be able to step out of it.

If that's true, what is a meal and a shower going to do? Band aid on a bullet wound.

Why would the church think a shower and a meal will set every single person up for success?
Why do we blanket everyone, diagnoses them as having the same issue and then use our solution to fix the problem instead of sitting down and asking, hey what do you need?
Do you need money? Do you need rehab? Do you need a shower and some food? What do YOU need?

I don't take the time and I know others don't take the time.
We are trying to solve problems with weak solutions.
Band aids on bullet wounds.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Witness now, my failure.

I can't not write.

So I'm back.
I promise to be edifying.
I don't have any organized thoughts to present to you just yet...

But here's the lesson of the day: NO MATTER HOW MUCH I LOVE IT, I have to stop drinking coffee.

It makes me very anxious and unnecessarily sweaty- attractive attributes, don't you think?
Being a PNW girl, though, it's hard to avoid coffee. Really the 'coffee date' is a social staple for Washingtonians. How else would I know what's going on in my girl friends life without getting together for a caffeinated beverage? If I give up coffee, I might as well become a recluse.

So, my dear Internet wanderers, until we might again, I shall stop drinking coffee. What unhealthy habit are you going to give up? Let's be better people when we meet again.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why today rocked:

  1. Wrote an 11 page paper from 2am-7am.
  2. Ate breakfast.
  3. Curly hair.
  4. Mariachi band music at work followed by 80's hits.
  5. Slept from 12 to 6. 
  7. Knew every song on the Motown Pandora station.
  8. Ate peeps.
  9. Found this picture of most of my relatives on the internet.
  10. Halfway through the week tomorrow.

Monday, April 16, 2012


My room is a disaster.

I have been busy and lazy.
This semester is starting to get really nuts as we are nearing the end! There are papers to write, experiments to conduct, results to analyze, interviews to participate in, resumes to write, and phone calls to make. All this while trying to feed myself, sleep, and shower. I'm in the race to the finish line and I am getting more and more excited about what is to come after December 2012. :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Try something new for 30 days: Week 4. The End.

March 23rd. Class was cancelled because my professor went to Disneyland. :) So I went home to Shelton. Little miss Everly Rose became tired of being the car forever so Emma gave her a bottle of Vicodin to use as a rattle. :) Emma's been having some problems with her feet and was prescribed pain killers for the night but the little munchkin certainly did enjoy her makeshift rattle!!
March 24th. On Saturday, I walked from my parents house up the hill and far away to my Aunt Julia's house. She set up a beautiful table outside for tea and strawberries with ginger syrup. We got to catch up and chat while drinking a delicious blend that my brother concocted! It was lovely.

March 25th. I caught a bus from Olympia to Parkland but sadly missed the bus by a few minutes. I waited at Caffe Vitta and ran into an old friend named David. This is my latte art. I thought it was picture-worthy.

March 26th. I was asleep the majority of Monday. It was the perfect way to start out my spring break. At one point, when I was awake, I watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and had some hot chocolate.

March 27th. This is my Aunt Suzanne and my cousin Ethan. The foot belongs to my cousin Ben. They live in Idaho but came for a visit and it was so lovely to see them. Because of the distance we all don't get to gather together very often. We sang made up songs, played some music, and ate delicious food.

March 28th. My family lives off of Railroad Avenue. I love trains. I think they are beautiful.

March 29th. My Nana makes the most delicious lemon curd. I love lemon. Lemon drops. Lemonade. Lemons. DELICIOUS.

March 30th. I made an origami squirrel!!!!!

March 31st. I don't know what this is a picture of but I tried to take a picture of Megan and I in the dark. Instead, we get some crazy lights.

So, there you have it. MARCH!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Try something new for 30 days: Week 3.

March 16th.
I drove home to see my mom for the night. This picture was taken through my windshield while I was driving through the Nisqually Basin. Don't worry, I didn't look, I just held the phone up and pressed the button. Turned out pretty good. I love trees!

March 17th.
Oh St. Patrick's Day. I hope yours was as delightful as mine. This is my friend Megan and I putting the final touches on Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes made by her beautiful twin sister Linnea. There were sprinkles EVERYWHERE once I was done. :)

March 18th.
I only went outside once on Sunday to work at a concert. I watched Frasier all day long on Netflix. I took a shower and went to bed early. Here is my freshly clean face.

March 19th.
My mom bought my this for my birthday. In case you're not a die-hard fan like myself, Luke's is the fictional diner in Stars Hollow, Connecticut- the sight of my favorite television show of all time: Gilmore Girls. I had three of these filled to the brim with hot chocolate. My heart was beating ridiculously fast all day.

March 20th.
For my statistics test on Wednesday we were allowed to use a note card with all the needed formula's written out. This is mine. Impressive, huh? It's just a one-way between SS ANOVA as well as Effect Sizes and HSD post hoc comparisons. :) I think I did really well on the test.

March 21st.
I was babbling on and on about cake at work when my Operations Supervisor walked in with leftover cake from his birthday on Saturday. It was my favorite flavor: LEMON!!! Sadly, it sat in my stomach like a lump and hurt my cavities...

March 22nd.
I am super proud of how my hair turned out today. I love my new curling iron! This was the best shot I could get.

On a side note, this week has been pretty hard for me emotionally. I haven't had enough things to distract me from thinking too hard and have fallen into bouts of gloominess several times since Sunday. Spring break is upon us and I am going home to visit the family this coming weekend to start it off the right way. I'm hoping to also take a day trip to Portland on Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on if I can afford it or not) but will be back at work on Thursday. It'll be nice to not have any homework and hopefully I'll be motivated enough to start on some projects and papers I have coming up. It's almost April which means I have two months left of the semester. Where did the time go!?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Try something new for 30 days: Week 2.

March 10th. AM.
I forgot to take a picture on the 9th but Saturday I got up early and went to a track meet to watch a couple friends compete. I ran into Megan Anderson and my friend, Kelsey and hovered with them for the hour I was there. It was raining and freezing.

March 10th. PM.
Sarah Lawson and I have been friends since our Junior year of high school when we took American Sign Language together. We really hit it off as freshmen music education students and became inseparable with two other girls, Megan and Abby. Out of us four, Sarah and Megan are the only two who made it all the way through the music education program. This picture was taken after Sarah's Senior saxophone recital. She was amazing and I am SO proud of her.
March 11th.
I thought it would be good to show my relatives who worry about me that I am eating [somewhat] healthy at school. Of course, I do recall that salad being the only thing I ate that day... woops.

March 12th.
This is Geena. She is my project partner for my statistics class and this morning (Monday) she was pounding chocolate at 9:15am. She made it through a bag of Lindor truffles and that bar of cookies and creme chocolate you see on the desk in front of her. She came down from that sugar high by 10:30am, immediately after class ended.

March 13th.
Annika again. This is her being gangster. We live in Parkland after all, we're pretty legit. We went grocery shopping and talked about boys. It was delightful.

March 14th.
This day was horrible. I was crying and angry all day. I spent about three hours in my car, driving off my emotion and was finally calm once I hit Olympia and got some Taco Bell. I took a picture of this quote I cut out of magazine because it reminded me of this day. All I can do is keep breathing.

March 15th.
This is the only picture I took on Thursday. I went up to Seattle, Thursday night to see my friend Brian's band play their last show before he moves to Chicago. This picture was taken in the bar I went to afterwards. Since it was so dark, nothing showed up but the string of red lights running around the edge of the bar.

Quotes from my best friend

"We never understand how our past actions are going to affect our future relationships."

[paraphrased.... She's the best.]

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Try something new for 30 days: 1 picture a day.

So I've tried this before and it didn't go well. As you'll notice from this blog, I told you there would be pictures and then none appeared. I didn't want to overload the blog with 31 pictures so here is the first week of March:

March 1st.
These three things are "roses" made by Dale Chihuly. There are four each in a different color- green, blue, red, and white in the music building. They are supposed to emulate the stained glass window in Eastvold, the auditorium on campus. I was in the music building after my morning class playing piano for awhile. As this picture was being taken, I was being hassled by a few friends who were at the top of the stairs, teasing me for taking a picture of something we see every day.

March 2nd.
This is my friend Annika Swenson. She is hilarious. We have all of our classes together and our Community Psychology professor tends to mix us up because our last names are so similar. In this picture, my phone is upside down on my binder as Annika and I sit through a very technical psych colloquium about the difference between Standard American English and African American English. She is making a face at me as we completely ignore what's going on at the front of the lecture hall.

March 3rd.
This is Rebecca Cooper. She is the wittiest, silliest person I know. I am a huge fan of all that she is. This is at the end of her sister's wedding. What you don't see is our sweaty-ness as we had just been breaking it down on the dance floor.

March 4th.
I love pigeons. They are filthy birds but I love their grey feathers and their cute little beaks. On this day, my best friend and I were in Seattle. She was getting her hair cut at a fancy boutique and I was tagging along with nothing better to do. :)

March 5th.
I went to Spanaway Park. Because of the January snow, all the trees look like they've been stripped. If you can tell towards the top of the tree, broken branches are sticking out. As I was walking around, I saw a man standing by a tree looking up into the branches. He told me in a very thick (Russian?) accent that he often came there to feed a little squirrel but he hadn't seen her since the storm. He was very concerned- how sweet. :)

March 6th.
This vat of deliciousness is a mango pico de gallo recipe my Aunt Julia passed on to me. It's so delicious, you can put it on anything!!! It has mango's, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, cilantro, a pinch of sugar, lime juice and salt and pepper to taste. It is perfect over rice and chicken!

March 7th.
This is Alex Domine. He has been a constant friend all four years of PLU. He is witty and brilliant and a very impressive vocalist. The building directly behind him is Xavier. It is the social sciences building so I pretty much eat, breathe, and sleep there.

March 8th.
These two lovely ladies are Geena and Annika. This picture was taken after finishing our Abnormal psych final. Annika, Geena, and I have the same statistics class, which we also had a test in last week. THREE EXAMS IN ONE WEEK, TWO IN ONE DAY. We were all pretty excited to be done. :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This is my best friend.

I am blessed to have an incredibly steadfast best friend. She is wise beyond her years, constantly reminding me of the simple but strong truths of scripture. We were talking about anger and forgiveness last week and she said some simple yet profound things to me. As I work through some of my anger issues, I am constantly re-reading this one text message she sent me. I want to share it because it reminds us all that our view of justice is not the Lord's. His ways our higher than ours. We want to see the justice, for everything to be fair... but usually what we think is the right path and what really is are not even close to being the same thing.

"You can forgive and stand up for yourself at the same time. You can acknowledge when you were treated like crap and then choose not to hold it against them and let go of your anger for your own health. And because if life was just we would all deserve to be stoned to death. But that doesn't mean you have to try and forget about everything that happened and try to just sweep it under the rug. You can say I forgive you, I'm not holding how you treated me against you but I won't subject myself to it again."

My favorite part is where she reminds me that if everything were as it should be, we would all get what we deserve. The consequences of sin is death. A lot of people also forget that forgiveness doesn't mean being a doormat. You can forgive someone for something they did that hurts you but that doesn't mean you have to subject yourself to habitual, unfair behavior if you can avoid it. See? I told you she's awesome.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


1. Graduate College.
2. Stop biting my fingernails.
3. Have Courage.

I am a wimp. I do not stand up to anyone, do not stand up for myself, I have zero confidence in my abilities. I don't know when this happened, I think it was around the time I was supposed to go back to college for my sophomore but didn't, but FEAR has paralyzed me over the last few years. It's hard to even convince myself to get out of bed in the morning cause I'm sure I will fail at any task presented to me. Since I have lived in this puny state for so long I'm starting to notice how others just choose to overpower me because they know they can. I'm tired of it. Not happening anymore. It's not that I'm suddenly going to be a jerk to everyone, it's just that it's time for me to be happy-no longer a door mat.