Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pickle, pickle, pickle smell, pickle train conducting

I thought I would put up some pictures of my cute little room.
I live about 5 blocks away from school which is pretty great.
The house I live in is called Jensen House. It's very old and pretty but has a certain lack of cleanliness that I find unnerving. Basically it is a boarding house. There are several rooms, all are numbered, I didn't know any one when I moved in and all attempts to be friendly with those I bump into in the kitchen are failing miserably. BUT my room is cute and the price is right. Here are some pictures: (Blogger is being a pill so here's the list before the pictures instead of with them)

1. My big closet
2. One side of the room, my dresser.
3. My bed and my little bed side table.
4. My Mini closet, a wall separates my room in two and the little closet is at the end.
5. This is my desk area and bookshelf. Currently I am using my broken laptop for everything because the wireless mouse for my computer has called it quits.


  1. super cute, it's looks quaint and cozy....I want to but you new curtains, but besides that. It's cute! Oh, and that's my comforter ;) love you button!

  2. Charming little nest, this. While it is true you can't hold a dance marathon, it certainly looks roomy enough.

    Love the window, the view, the brightness of it.

    It is all so tidy, even the closet. Now that I find not only humbling but convicting:)

    In time I hope your kitchen 'acquaintances' will warm up into 'nice'. No doubt when they discover what a jewel you are, right? Of course, right!