Friday, July 15, 2011

A Day In Pictures

8:00am-It's Friday, Friday!!!

9:00am- From me to him.

10:00am- Poor man's mocha (hot chocolate mix and coffee).

11:00am- working on a 16 page spreadsheet. Please take note of my fat roll.

12:00pm- Curlers in my hair, looking out at the rain that should not be happening in the middle of July!

1:00pm- From him to me. He finally woke up.

2:00pm- Mid-afternoon jolt.

3:00pm- 16 page document. First draft on right, second on left.

4:00pm- Afternoon Mail

5:00pm- Finally home, you can't see it but I'm not wearing pants!!!

6:00pm-Rice Crispies and Beer, the dinner of champions.


  1. I feel like this format of blogging is a lot MORE personal than your old style, is this what you were going for? I love you!

  2. Well it's more that I am tired of it being SOOOOOOOOOO boring.

  3. Coffee, Crunch bars, beer, Rice Krispies...hmm...

  4. Now you know why I've got a fat roll!

  5. *you do not have a fat roll. You want to see a fat roll? I will show u a fat roll!! Me!! JK. You are adorable. I love this idea of photos. Great post <3

  6. Love your diet! Your bedroom too. What a fun and amazing life you have:)

    Love you!