Friday, July 15, 2011

A Day In Pictures

8:00am-It's Friday, Friday!!!

9:00am- From me to him.

10:00am- Poor man's mocha (hot chocolate mix and coffee).

11:00am- working on a 16 page spreadsheet. Please take note of my fat roll.

12:00pm- Curlers in my hair, looking out at the rain that should not be happening in the middle of July!

1:00pm- From him to me. He finally woke up.

2:00pm- Mid-afternoon jolt.

3:00pm- 16 page document. First draft on right, second on left.

4:00pm- Afternoon Mail

5:00pm- Finally home, you can't see it but I'm not wearing pants!!!

6:00pm-Rice Crispies and Beer, the dinner of champions.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I've been wanting to change the format of how I blog for a long time. My darling Martin is a very private man and he has always *lovingly* teased me for posting personal things on the Internet where anyone and everyone can see them. You have to admit, he has a point. Although I don't really think about it, I feel very weirded out when someone says they read my blog. OR there's the issue of writing something deeply important and NO ONE READS IT. You just keep anxiously checking to see if there's a comment!!! Since the majority of my readers are family members who also have their own blogs, it is almost a requirement that I keep up with and comment their musings. When my dear Nana started a blog (My NANA blogs. :) She's the coolest) she discussed how sad it can be to pour your heart out and still see that 0 comments link flashing at the bottom of the post. Because of this, we have started a trend. When we read each others blogs but have nothing particular to say in relation to it's content, we leave the word, 'footprints' in their comment box. This way, everyone knows they are being heard.

I got distracted. My apologies.

I have recently fallen in love with this blog. The author is adorable, her kids are adorable, her clothes are adorable... I'm just an all around fan.

The thing that sets one blog apart from another is pictures. I almost never post pictures. Wouldn't you rather look at pictures than read a long winded description of something? I know, me too.

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL that being said, I'm hoping to make some changes and make this thing a bit more interesting.

Love you all. Happy Tuesday.