Friday, June 10, 2011


What are you trying to doing?
and what are you trying to prove?
That tongue of yours... lethal dynamite.
It would be better to split it in two,
just like that forked-tongue symbol of evil.

He wins and flaunts his victory by showing you how foolish you were.
Believe him? Oh, I easily will...
even though the language is foreign to me
and the words are not my own.

Neuron pathways are dangerous bridges:
each synapse builds a stronger lie,
each shock of thought becomes ingrained in you
until the lie is a tangible part of your physical body.

You know that whir of constant thought?
How when you wish to turn off the sound, it seems to get louder?
That's when our double tongue friend makes his way to the far corners
He takes up his mending, silently working away at the web of deception he will soon sew into your brain.
And you can't even see him.

What am I saying?

Believe me, I wish I knew....

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