Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A year ago today...

1. It was dead week and I was losing my mind in work.
2. I had the most viscous case of strep throat.
3. My hair was much much shorter than it is now.
4. I was single.
5. I was driving a cute red Mazda Miata due to the fact I had wrecked my car in October and my community group leaders were worried about my warmth. They lent me their car for a few months, paid the car insurance and sent me away in it with a full tank of gas, an extra $100 for future gas needs, and a box of brownies. If you want a lesson in generosity let me introduce you to Steve and Lee Brooks. They're incredible.
6. It was just as freezing as it is now.

Here's me about a year ago...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pickle, pickle, pickle smell, pickle train conducting

I thought I would put up some pictures of my cute little room.
I live about 5 blocks away from school which is pretty great.
The house I live in is called Jensen House. It's very old and pretty but has a certain lack of cleanliness that I find unnerving. Basically it is a boarding house. There are several rooms, all are numbered, I didn't know any one when I moved in and all attempts to be friendly with those I bump into in the kitchen are failing miserably. BUT my room is cute and the price is right. Here are some pictures: (Blogger is being a pill so here's the list before the pictures instead of with them)

1. My big closet
2. One side of the room, my dresser.
3. My bed and my little bed side table.
4. My Mini closet, a wall separates my room in two and the little closet is at the end.
5. This is my desk area and bookshelf. Currently I am using my broken laptop for everything because the wireless mouse for my computer has called it quits.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Try something new for 30 days!

If you haven't heard of TED talks, google it right now.

TED talks are mini lectures 5 to 20 minutes long on a variety of subjects. Some are very scientific, others are simply meant to make you laugh but they are all meant to inspire. I can't recommend them enough.

One of my favorites is a 5 minute challenge by a guy named Matt to do something different for 30 days. He found that small changes were more sustainable than huge life altering decisions. He discovered the days of each month were more memorable because he made an effort to do something out of the norm. So, I'm trying it.

For the next 30 days, I'm going to take a picture everyday, post it here and tell you about why I took that picture. Ready!? Go!!!!

Ok so.......

P.S. Because I'm writing this blog on my phone (oh!!!!ah!!!!), I'll have to post the picture tomorrow. :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Day In Pictures

8:00am-It's Friday, Friday!!!

9:00am- From me to him.

10:00am- Poor man's mocha (hot chocolate mix and coffee).

11:00am- working on a 16 page spreadsheet. Please take note of my fat roll.

12:00pm- Curlers in my hair, looking out at the rain that should not be happening in the middle of July!

1:00pm- From him to me. He finally woke up.

2:00pm- Mid-afternoon jolt.

3:00pm- 16 page document. First draft on right, second on left.

4:00pm- Afternoon Mail

5:00pm- Finally home, you can't see it but I'm not wearing pants!!!

6:00pm-Rice Crispies and Beer, the dinner of champions.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I've been wanting to change the format of how I blog for a long time. My darling Martin is a very private man and he has always *lovingly* teased me for posting personal things on the Internet where anyone and everyone can see them. You have to admit, he has a point. Although I don't really think about it, I feel very weirded out when someone says they read my blog. OR there's the issue of writing something deeply important and NO ONE READS IT. You just keep anxiously checking to see if there's a comment!!! Since the majority of my readers are family members who also have their own blogs, it is almost a requirement that I keep up with and comment their musings. When my dear Nana started a blog (My NANA blogs. :) She's the coolest) she discussed how sad it can be to pour your heart out and still see that 0 comments link flashing at the bottom of the post. Because of this, we have started a trend. When we read each others blogs but have nothing particular to say in relation to it's content, we leave the word, 'footprints' in their comment box. This way, everyone knows they are being heard.

I got distracted. My apologies.

I have recently fallen in love with this blog. The author is adorable, her kids are adorable, her clothes are adorable... I'm just an all around fan.

The thing that sets one blog apart from another is pictures. I almost never post pictures. Wouldn't you rather look at pictures than read a long winded description of something? I know, me too.

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL that being said, I'm hoping to make some changes and make this thing a bit more interesting.

Love you all. Happy Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I cry....

...when I hold newborn babies for the first time...

...when Forest asks Ginny if his son is dumb....

...when I hear the song Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen...

...when singing the words, "Be still, my soul, the Lord is on thy side.."

...[sometimes] when I talk about my Uncle Dale...

...when my father prays over me...

...when Martin tells me he loves to hear me sing...

...[sometimes] when the instrumentation of a song includes a banjo or a mandolin...

...when there is an over-load of estrogen in my system...

Friday, June 10, 2011


What are you trying to doing?
and what are you trying to prove?
That tongue of yours... lethal dynamite.
It would be better to split it in two,
just like that forked-tongue symbol of evil.

He wins and flaunts his victory by showing you how foolish you were.
Believe him? Oh, I easily will...
even though the language is foreign to me
and the words are not my own.

Neuron pathways are dangerous bridges:
each synapse builds a stronger lie,
each shock of thought becomes ingrained in you
until the lie is a tangible part of your physical body.

You know that whir of constant thought?
How when you wish to turn off the sound, it seems to get louder?
That's when our double tongue friend makes his way to the far corners
He takes up his mending, silently working away at the web of deception he will soon sew into your brain.
And you can't even see him.

What am I saying?

Believe me, I wish I knew....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A College How To

How To Make Coffee Without A Coffee Maker.

Step 1: Fill up your electric tea-pot with water.
Step 2: Turn the tea pot on.
Step 3: Find a mug shaped like a penguin wearing a scarf and a Santa hat.
Step 4: Cut a napkin in half.
Step 5: Place the half napkin inside a tea leaf strainer.
Step 6: Place the tea leaf strainer/half napkin in the penguin mug.
Step 7: Scoop 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of coffee grounds into the napkin-lined tea leaf strainer.
Step 8: Pour boiling hot water over the coffee grounds. You will have to repeat this step several times as the tea strainer doesn't strain quickly.
Step 9: Take the tea leaf strainer off the penguin mug.
Step 10: Marvel at your greatness.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


One thing my father has taught me is to buy old beat up cars and drive them until they completely break down. This is brilliant. I do not have a car payment and probably never will. While a newer car is nice, if it runs and doesn't smell like mold, what more could you need! A perfect demonstration of this ideology is the life and times of Leslie, the Swanson Family Van.
I remember my parents driving this van up from Oregon when I was 10 years old. It was a 'new' car, which just meant it was new to us. It has developed it's own set of quirks over the years.
  1. The sliding door: if you lock it, you have to KICK the lock back open. This means leaning back on the first bench seat in the back, bracing yourself with one hand on the passengers seat and the other on the top of the bench seat. Using your momma bear hulk rage, ninja kick the unlock side of the door's lock. This will most likely get the door open.
  2. The locks: DO NOT LOCK THE CAR. EVER. The key will not unlock the doors.
  3. Gas gauge: Broken. In fact, when the tank is completely full, the needle points below the E while for the opposite, completely empty, the needle points above the F. Just wait for the Low Fuel light to pop on and then you know you've got maybe one day left of 30mph driving before your screwed.
  4. Passenger side window: Broken. Can't roll it up or down. As a result of this, the window is eternally open about half an inch. If it's raining, DEAL.
  5. Driver's side window: Can be rolled down but you must use all your strength to roll it back up. I recommend using your foot and your momma bear hulk rage. Also, be prepared to cuss a lot and potentially lose your salvation in frustration.
  6. The interior:
The color.... ishkabibble. The ceiling interior is falling down. My father has tried four thousand different things to keep it up there. It hangs down at just the perfect place to lightly brush the top of my head, scaring me into thinking spiders are all up in my hair. AH! No matter how many times I reached my hand up to brush my hair and felt that fabric, I always felt a pang of fear when it touched my head.

Each person in the family has driven Leslie with the exclusion of Nathan. My parents [several years], Emma [2 tours], Molly [2 tours], and Katie [1 tour]. I am honored to be the one who drove the car into the depths of Hades. After 11 years, the transmission is gone, the tailpipe is falling off, and it is over-heating every four seconds.

One time, we drove Leslie to Elma to see my grandparents. It was a family reunion so everyone was over. I sat in the back bench seat, looking out the window all the way there. We arrived and I pressed the button to release myself from the seat belt... and nothing happened. I was trapped in the back seat while the rest of the family began greeting each other. It took twenty minutes, a pair of scissors and several 'monkey at the zoo' jokes before I was released and joyously welcomed back into the family.

Today, Leslie was crushed into a metal cube, never to be driven again. She has finally come to the end of the road [joke] and it was kind of sad watching the tow truck pull her away yesterday. Thank you, Leslie, for providing transportation, joke material, and above all, a place to make out for several years. May you rest in pieces! [super lame joke]

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nathan William Swanson

This is my little brother.

This picture is from the day before our sister Emma's wedding on the drive to Kirkland almost two years ago. Nate, who I call Bubba, always shares his headphones with me when I forget music on a long drive. We take turns 'dedicating' songs to each other and listening to Christian punk songs from our Youth Group years.

I really love my brother. Nathan was quiet growing up (I blame that on Emma and I. We liked to talk for him.) so when he suddenly began joking around, it was the most hilarious thing. He makes me laugh harder than most people because he always links whatever I'm doing back to how I'm exactly like our dad, or a family joke, or he makes fun of Emma (WE LOVE YOU. COOL IT, BOOBS)... I really just love him. He's extremely giving. Nathan never turns down the opportunity to help someone. EVER. He doesn't even see it as him being helpful... it's just like a thing he's supposed to do. He just shrugs his shoulders and does it as if it's no big deal! That is an amazing character trait for a 19-year-old.

Our parents are in Italy for their 25th wedding anniversary. They left last Saturday and are returning a week from tomorrow so Nate has been home alone for awhile. Since I only work in the mornings on Thursdays, Nate came up to Parkland to hang out with me. We did what we usually do: made pizza, watched music videos of punk songs from our Youth Group years, and watched a movie that I screamed through while he laughed at me (zombie movie... nuff said). Then he left. Then I started crying. I don't totally know why. I really love my brother and I do honestly miss being away from my family. It was a major let down to see him leave.

There isn't much of a point to this... just that my brother is awesome and I love him. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well Hello

It certainly has been awhile.

Varying things have kept me from blogging. Mostly it was a lack of time. But if I'm being honest, the main factor was that writing is terrifying.

You cannot write without discovering the truth about your thoughts, heart, and motives.
That's why writing is so cathartic and why it's so easy to rant on these things. Writing- taking your thoughts out of your head- forces you to see, organize, and, the scariest of all, justify what you think.

That is where my problem starts.
I love to organize. Our God is a god of order and as his children, we are designed to enjoy bringing order out of chaos. But truth... Truth is terrifying. Whatever thought process it may be, I am most likely wrong and I don't enjoy that feeling. In my haste, my busyness, I have overlooked repentance. Satan has wrapped me up in me and as a result, I have run into a place of spiritual apathy. With this revelation comes honesty. It is terrifying and uncomfortable but it is also good for the kidneys. :) I encourage you, make the decision today to RUN after Jesus. Thwart your thoughts: they are most likely evil. Dig around in your heart and find what does not line up with scripture. Who cares if you feel like it or not. It is not a feeling, it is a choice and it is the most crucial one you can make from day to day.

It's lovely to see your sunshiny faces again. Kisses and hugs,

Molly Alyssum

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm 21

Yesterday was my 21st birthday. Not much went down.

I had two beers, sitting on the kitchen counter, joking around with two of my roommates.