Friday, December 3, 2010

a quick update

1. I find it hilarious that these last few days, where I have been more busy than ever, I've found the inspiration to blog. Interesting.

2. I am so cute today I might hit on myself. I have a presentation... which means a cute dress, a cute sweater, fabulous heels, and glitzy jewelry. Aw yeah girl.

3. In the last 72 hours I have consumed 3 20ounce bottles of Pepsi and am currently working on another one.

4. I can NEVER sit still anymore. I am always tapping my foot. I think it's partially the caffeine and the sugar but also my generally nervous existance. This is my psychological brain emerging: People who don't twitch have self-confidence, understand their value and are safe to sit still while the rest of us panic about being called on, having to speak up in class, or are worried the professor knows we didn't do all of the reading.

5. I now live at the library. It smells here. Oh the joy.

6. There sure are a lot of cute boys at PLU. Too bad none of them want to love me.... sucks for them (seriously, I love my outfit today.).

7. Pray for me. It's the weekend but that means I have to turn up the intensity and get stuff done.