Friday, July 23, 2010

Emily Anne Valovich Cofer

Let me introduce you to one of my best friends. The closest to my age, Emily has always been my favorite cousin. I'm sure everyone knows it and I feel no shame in saying it. :) In our childhood we wrote letters to each other or talked on the phone for hours about our crushes and fairies. As young teenagers we continued talking about fairies but our stories were now peppered with friends, God, music and books. In the last few years, we have talked less and less- both occupied with life. And then how could I talk with her when Uncle Dale passed? There were no words, I could only cry and Emily was a different Emily. We did not care about fairies anymore.

Enter Evan, stage right.

The first few weeks I knew Evan, we wrote LONG e-mails back and forth. This was the man my dearest cousin had been talking about, dreaming about, saving pictures of wedding dresses for her entire life. I loved him instantly as did the rest of the family. God's timing is perfect. This man came in with a saving love, healing Emily and holding her together. What a Man of God.

Tomorrow these lovely people will join their lives together in front of God and family. Each time a new man is added to the family, the dynamics change. This time, the dynamics are drastic- the Dynamics are moving to California. But what God has joined together NO MAN will separate. I am blessed and excited to be a part of their celebration. Welcome to the Fam, Evan.

I love you, Emzie.