Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Father's Swedish Family

My Grandfather: Alden George Swanson
His Wife: Coralyn Jane Digre

My Great Grandfather: Theodore David Swanson
His Wife: Gerda Amalia Svard

My Great Great Grandfather: Gustaf Theodolf Svenson
His Wife: Johanna Matilda Liljequist

My Great Grandmother: Gerda Amalia Svard
Her Father: Grenadier Saloman Petterson Svard
Her Mother: Johanna Charlotta Petersdotter

My Grandfather: Alden George Swanson
His Brother: Dwight Valentine Swanson, married to Emerentia Proieda Blaskowska, affectionately known a Emery.
His Brother: Elmer David Swanson, married Frances Elizabeth Maddox
His Sister: Genevieve Charlotte Gertrude Swanson, married Curtis Holmer who died young, she re-married Everett Pearson

Other names that reach back to the 1700's:
Nils (3, all males)
Stina (female)
Magnus (male
Sven (a couple of Sven's, males)
Axel (male)
Charin (female)
Ingeborg (female)

There is also an Emma and a Molly. :)


  1. Very, very cool. I loved all those names. Ok, so if I ever have a son, I'm naming him Magnus :)

  2. Grand names to be sure, but rather disappointed that the family line doesn't go back to Sven Forkbeard, Gorm the Old or his son Harold Blue Tooth.

    Molly is a charming name, all things considered:)

    Did you do all this research? Amazing.

  3. Gorm? Now that's just dreadful.

    We have this book that my father's grandfather helped compile in his 80th year. It has official forms tracing the lineage starting with my daddy and going back as far as possible. It's pretty cool.

  4. Oh my! What names! Wondering which ones you shall choose when you have children.

  5. I'm definitely naming a kid Magnus. :) AND Ingeborg.