Sunday, November 8, 2009

I wrote this a LONG time ago and have no independant thought at the moment....

I like to take walks.
My mother often won't let me.
She says I'll be killed by an axe murderer.
One can't blame her.
In the times of now,
When little girls are stolen right off the sidewalks
and "fathers" look for nanny's who will take care of 'their needs' too,
I could very well be killed by an axe murderer.

But it is such a lovely day.
One of those summer days where the weather wants more out of you than you want to give.
One of those days where potential is found in every corner but evades your fingertips with a vengeance.
One of those days you want to spend reading and dripping kisses on the lips of the one you love.

I like to take walks.
But too ease the mind of my marvelous mother,
I will sit inside, eating soy ice cream
and watching a movie about the love that is slipping away from me.